This past Easter weekend the New College Women's Team competed against 6 other schools in the Saisa Women's Championship at North Carolina/Wilmington on Wrightsville Beach. 
It was raining sideways and chilly! The Nulls had a great time, and traveled the farthest any New College sports team has ever gone!!
for scores see the link:



03/04/2017 2:04am

Now women are try to join the sport and it is good for them. This race is for just women and all women are happy for win the race. This sport need to also experience for swimming.

05/03/2017 12:31am

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It was an amazing tournament. It's a pity I've missed it. These photos are great!

06/24/2017 3:23am

This past Easter end of the week the New College Women's Team gone up against 6 distinct schools in the Saisa Women's Championship at North Carolina Wilmington on Wrightsville Beach so playful to find awesome place to various here in the post, the composed work is as of late staggering, thankful for the post.

08/09/2017 4:51am

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This championship series were worth of enjoying the game if anyone is interested to have quality game. I would be waiting to see another match like this one for enjoyment.


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    Race locations

    Eckerd College
    Rollins College
    Lake Wauburg, Gainesville, UF
    Coconut Grove Miami, UM
    New College of Florida
    University of South Florida
    Charleston, SC
    North Carolina/Wilmington
    St. Mary's College of Maryland